We are family is a parody about an unhuman family. Based on the new wiki I'm starting, this'll be the theme song. They're called mean names and are treated differently. But they don't care because they have each other. And don't care a smidge about what others think. Why should they?



We are, we are not your same old human family

But that’s okay to me `cause we are

We are close as we are free

So people call us weird and crazy and we so are indeed

We’re crazy enough to care for each other more than greed

Any kind of newbie’s always welcome to me

Cause we are, we are family

Okay so fights in our FAM brings us down but in a way brings us closer

And no one is replaceable nobody no sir.

Cause we go around the globe

For those who need us most

And now we’ve found a place, a place to call our home!

We are, we are family