The AristoCartoons is a spoof of The AristoCats (1970).



  1. Cast Video/Paris, 1910
  2. Papa Smurf Arrives
  3. Matriarch Makes a Will
  4. Self-Improvement Lessons
  5. "Scales and Arpeggios"/Boo-Boo Stops by for Dinner
  6. Cartoonnapped
  7. Lost in the Wilderness
  8. Enter Abraham DeLacy Giuseppe Casey "Pongo O'Malley the Dalmatian"
  9. Pongo's Plan/'She Never Felt Alone'
  10. Gargamel Reveals His Secret to Grover's Mommy
  11. A Narrow Escape for Cartoons/Pongo Saves Daphne from Drowning
  12. Meet Abigail and Amelia Gabble/'Introductions to Keep Things Proper
  13. Uncle Waldo
  14. Gargamel Tries to Retrieve His Hat and Umbrella
  15. "Everybody Wants to Be a Cartoon"
  16. Calming Down for the Night/Pongo's Offer
  17. Home at Least
  18. Boo-Boo Runs For Help
  19. Pongo to the Rescue
  20. A New Addition to the Family/'It's The End'
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