King Christakis has plotted to watch the Guarder and keep him safe. Once he's strong, grown, and powerful Christakis will kill him and take all his power. While gaining power and fear over the kingdom. Christakis also wants to kill Loris and his nephew in the process. Christakis also describes his life in the past and how he struggles to forgive anyone.


Christakis: Sleep you little Guarder

Let your dreams take wing

Someday when you're brave and strong

I will be a king

I've been lied to, resurrected

Let alone raised to be bait

When I think of what that cret did

I feel a spark of hate

But I've dreamt a thrilling dream and

Suddenly I'm smiling deep

As it calms my inner demon

I slowly drift off to sleep

The joy of seeing Loris killed

His nephew bleeding in my guild

Those "sacred" Royals doleful cry

That's my lullaby!

Now the lies I tried ignoring

I have urged to keep my quo

Though I haven't given warning

I can't stand to let them go!

Ovum: So you've chosen to kill Loris?

And take back what's yours before?

Christakis: Oh, the battle will be gorgeous

Plus I've always been fond of war

The harmony of danger dooms

A soothing bass of bleeding wounds

Such masterpiece of greats, as I

That's my lullaby

Swirly's dead, but Loris's still around

To raise this Chosen One

So he's grows to be a hero

Till his last moment is DONE!

Ovum: Sleep you little cutie. I mean--booger eating fiend

Cocoon: Someday when you're brave and strong...

Christakis: I will be a king!

The wideness of the warzone's length

The power of Guarder's mighty strength

Eggbert: The thrill of killing

Medamorphasis: Justify

Christakis: I can see the hunting

Ovum and Cocoon: "Guarder, please don't die!"

Christakis: Prophence day is coming

And then our wings will fly

Above where bodies lie

That's my lullaby!