This parody was inspired from the interesting Language French. Roi de tous les maux is French for King of All Evil. The singers are unnamed for secret purposes.

The king by 0bo

Bow to the king. The King of All Evil


But the Roi de tous les Maux
The emperor of you
And there's no king alive who'll bring such fear and keep, tis true

Perverted, cruel, and strong
Thou mustn't right my wrong
For if you do dare redeem me I will give thy throat a throng

Worst man thou ever knew---Crains moi
The Roi de tous les Maux!

Sans of me you will live on
Minimums, grams, at least (least)
Soon, through the town, we'll strike fear in serfs
Then on the power we'll feast (feast)

Bientôt the town we'll own
Capable yet unknown
If thou ever betray me I shall crumble all thy bone

Do not call me a shrew!
(He's who?!)
The Roi de tous les Maux...

I may been undefeated (defeated)
But I too have had to be shunned (He was shunned)
My mother, by father, by sister, by brother
Oh, that's the start... by a nun

KING 1: I heard there's nothing worse than a nun!
QUEEN 1: But what about your boy Prince Arthur?

LORD GASMIER: I will beat that spoiled fake
In a breaker he can't break
And when he's broke I'll feed him to...
(Chuckles) My rat-faced snake

So monsieur pretty, petty blah
Treat me well or die in flaw
If the devil flared an heir with hair
That would be moi

I've made it to Hell and through
Now who...? (Who-who?)
Else would make that trip yet grew
KING 2: I think he's good.
LORD GASMIER: You kings and queens are now the crew
Of the Roi de tous les Maux!

Crains moi!