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All through the web I've wanted to state my lyrics and parodies to the world. But these days websites were becoming inappropriate. By starting a Parodies Wiki I can express my lyrics and encourage others to, too. Others would be able to express their lyrics and parodies due to few or many reasons. This Wiki can change all that and more. Character parodies and spoofs were welcome as well.

P.S: No stealing lyrics off this website. No un-copied songs taken off this website.

Due to many inappropriate sites and messages, I've decided to start a wiki. Few parodies were based on popular songs. Ex: Let it go. Some were lyrics to unknown songs. And some were made-up songs based on old ones. This wiki can also inspire others to make their own. Songs were for everyone, right? Thank you, and welcome to my Wiki. Enjoy!


  • No cursing (that includes on messages, edits, and lyrics)
  • No editing some else's page unless there's a misprint or misspelling (or with permission of course) or your DISlikes. My advice: protect your pages.
  • No inappropriate videos or images. Remember even li'l people can see this wiki.
  • No racist comments or cyber bullying.
  • All communists must have accounts!
  • And yes, anyone can write a parody (or just unwritten lyrics)!

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