Zazu Simba and Nala
This parody is based on Oh, I just can't wait to be king. It's about if Nala was the main character of the Lion King/ Lion Queen. So she sings about marring Simba and being the best queen of the monarchy.


Nala: I'm gonna be a noble queen and generous for sure

Zazu: Well, I've never seen a queen of such with almost no real fur

Nala: I'll be the talk of Africa. Like no queen was before

A picture of perfection and I've almost got my roar!

Zazu: Well, that's quite simply a determined dream

Nala: Oh, I just can't wait to be queen!

Zazu(talking): You've rather some training to do young princess if you think...

Nala: No more hearing "Be here"

Zazu(talking): I never said that...

Simba: No more hearing "Look there"

Zazu(talking): What I meant was...

Nala: No more hearing "act right"

Zazu(talking): What I'm trying to get through to you is...

Nala/Simba: No more hearing "stay put"

Zazu(talking): Now stay PUT!

Nala: Free to run around and play

Zazu(talking): You'll have no time for that princess

Nala: Tell the pride I'm on my way

Zazu: I believe that you two cats and I should talk this out

Nala: Queens don't need advice and puny preaches from a snout

Zazu: If you think you're the generations' best, not the first

Out of empresses and ladyships you're voted down the worst(screams)

That little cub will never be my dean!

Nala: Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

Everybody look up, no, everybody look down

Anywhere you look I'll always be in town!

Zazu(talking): Not YET!

Savannah animals/Nala/Simba: Let every creature step into the scene

Let's hear from the tall into the lean

Queen Nala's line's the best you've ever seen

Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

Oh, I just can't wait to be queen

Oh, I just can't wait...

To be QUEEN!