Monster Man
The Monster De Le Ville is a parody of Creature De La Nuit. The main character is a guile named Mouchard. Mouchard means snitch in French. He sells props and uses the money to build a machine based on himself. But a news reporter nicknamed Photo Ology(real name Frollo O. Logy) plots to find out who's the monster. But doesn't fall for Mouchard's tricks. So Mouchard teams up with a group of thugs to gain control of the city through news and fear.


Mouchard: It’s the Monster De La Ville

The destroyer of will

And no man in the world can plan a plot as pure with skill

Devoted, dark, and stung

Don’t play me cause I’m young

So if you want to judge me I shall brutally rip your tongue

If that I’ll overkill

The Monster De La Ville

Through the night we’ll go thieving

Feasting on props and poll


Mouchard: Now we’re moving up upon the scale

Soon we’ll be rolling in gold


Mouchard: C’est nous, who rules the press

Affable with finesse

You try to trick and treat me and I’ll open all your chests

Don’t dare or pay the bill

The Monster De La Ville

I might uphold as a human


Mouchard: But just look inside and you’ll see

Thugs:(And you’ll see)

Mouchard: A tyrant, a killer, a demon, a creature

Or even worse, un mad beast

Thug 1: You know, there’s nothing like a beast

Thug 2: But what about that sly reporter?

Mouchard: I shall snatch that selfish mar

In a place he can’t disbar

And then I’ll give his handsome face a dark stained scar

So Monsieur Photo Ology, you must treat me pensively

If Joseph Stalin had a son who won

He would be ME!

I forbid amiably

Par nuit!

Thugs: He’s free

Mouchard: The most relentless felony

Thug 1 to thug 2:(That means he’s bad)

Mouchard: You filthy rejects have a deal?!

I’m the Monster De Cette Ville! (La Crainte!)