Mistress of the seas if inspired when Captain Gutt had been eaten by sirens. But the siren took Captain Gutt's place instead and lead her own pirate crew as Captain Gill.


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Gill: Here you are on boat or a shit or a float

But let's just state the facts

One would say you're enslaved

But instead you've been saved so just relax

You've rescued by the ruler of these oceans

Time to drown all your love emotions

First mate, care to give an introduction please?

Sean: Aye-aye, Captain Gill

She's the devious, scary

Sarah: Quite contrary

Squirt: Feared and betraying

Gloria: Far from delaying

Razor/Shon: Frightening, avenging

Fay: Banana drenching

All: Undefeated mistress of the seas

Gill: That's me

Crew: Tis she

Gill: That's me

Crew: Tis she

Gill: That's me

Crew: Tis SHE!

Gill(talking): Okay, okay

Singing: I'm a Gigantopithecus gal

And these are my close useful pals

All of whom were abandoned just like you

Crew: It's true

Gloria: She believed in us

Squirt: She saw our skill

Sean: For that we owe all we've got to Gill

And determining she won't murder you...

Crew: You will owe her, too

Gill: On this ship I'm an ace

Moving at quite a pace

Through the ever shifting ice

Shon: Come along, join the crew

Fay: That's a test

Squirt: That's a clue

Sarah: To regain your life

Gill/Shon: It's a world covered by water

Live or die weigh your tater-totter

Gill: You're in luck I believe in making peace

Shon(talking): She's the best

Fay/Squirt: She's the dirty, heaving

Shira: I think we should be leaving

Razor: Armed and furry

Ellie: We're really in a hurry

Squirt: Hunting, harming

Granny: Well, she seems quite charming

Crew: Undefeated, unhygienic, well completed

Gill: That I said it

All: Mistress of the seas

Gill: That's me

Crew: Tis she

Gill: That's me

Crew: Tis she

Gil: That's who?

Crew: It's you

Gill: Just testing if you knew, it's ME!!!