This parody consists on Elsa(water) leaving Arendelle through fear and realizing she doesn't need to fear if she's alone. Made by Flare Warden/Me and base by Frozen: Let it go.


The water waves gore on the ocean floor

Not a limit to be seen

An ocean of tidal basin

Undoubtingly, I’m its queen

The tide is raising it might overflow inside

Couldn’t keep it low, even when I tried

Won’t break the dam, won’t break my heart

See the future that you’re lead up to part

Confirm, stay firm

Hold in the tide,

Well I have tried!

Let it flow, let it flow

Won’t hold it back anymore

Let it flow, let it flow

Break the dam and drown the shore

I don’t care how much my tides will spray

Let the flood rise on

The water never hurt me in any way.

It’s funny how tsunamis wash every border well

And the door that held my future will sink with Arendelle

It’s not too late to do what’s right

I’ll break the boundaries with my might

No door, no room, no land for me. I’m free!

Let it flow, let it flow

I am one with the ocean turf

Let it flow, let it flow

Time for my whole life’s rebirth

Here I swim, and here I’ll sway

Let the flood rise on...

My powers gallop onto land and starts to rise

My soul is watering like wild hoses in my eyes

And one dew raises on so high that mountains sink

I’m never going back, the past and now don’t link!

Let it flow, let it flow

Raising farther as I endow

Let it flow, let it flow

Arendelle’s beneath me now

Here I swim, deep in the ocean bay

Let the flood rise ON!

The water never hurt me in any way.