Let It Blow is a parody of Let It Go.

Story LineEdit

Elsa has murdered Anna and everyone in Arendelle by strengthening the oxygen. This also caused a humongous hurricane to rise and the Earth to depart. With everyone on Earth dead, Elsa decides to embrace her power and recreate the world as her own! What she doesn't know is that Anna survived and has become a ghost!


The wind mass crawls over Arendelle's walls
Anna's nowhere to be seen
A kingdom in celebration
And it's ender is its queen

The breeze is squalling like this stormy air inside
I embraced the wave when I should have died
What have I done? What must I do?
Tell me, is it or is it not all true?
Am I the cause? If I had known...
But they had known!

Let it blow, let it blow
Let the gusty cyclone pour
Let it blow, let it blow
I am scared and of it no more
I don't care if they can't breathe this way

Let the hurricane rise...
The wind never, ever blew me anyway

It's crazy how a mere puff can drift the world apart
And the sister that once mocked is no longer in my heart
I've wasted years because of this
This test of strength is limitless
I'm fast, I'm flexible, I see
I'm free!

Let it blow, let it blow
I'm at peace as the winds fly
Let it blow, let it blow
That's the last you hear me cry:
"I can't stand!"
Cause here I say, "Let the hurricane rise..."

The glaciers' twirling turn like whirlwinds underground
The gases linger not; they rest then rupture all round
While one breathe causes wind, two others cause typhoon
I'm never ceasing them, why would I? I'm immune

Let it blow, let it blow
Let the gales run on and on
Let it blow, let it blow
Now Princess Anna's gone
Unafraid, unlike yesterday
Let the hurricane rise!
The wind never, ever blew me away