I love Candy is a parody based on the original from Hop. Soon going to be used on Guardians Wiki. And expresses my love for CANDY!


I've been cravin' something sweet

Something media just can't beat

Gets you hyper on your feet

C'mon say it with me everybody:

I love CANDY!(Don't deny it!)

I love CANDY! (C'mon try it!)

I love CANDY! (Love it, buy it!)

I love CANDY(Echo)!

I've got dibs on something great

Candy rappers on my plate

Bonbon, sugar—all I ate

C'mon say it with me everybody:

I love CANDY!(Gamification)

I love CANDY!(Across the nation!)

I love CANDY!(Dip your face in)

I love CANDY! (Echo)

Candy is my one true love

Gum, pie, cake; all the above

Suddenly I'm certain of

One thing, say it with me everybody

I love CANDY!(More and more)

I love CANDY!(Sweets galore!)

I love CANDY!(To the core!)