Friends on another side is about Lady Erebus and her Shadow Clan try to take Blaster and Luster's emblem only to find they don't have any and hold them hostage in order to receive emblems through an exchange.


Creeping shadows by sanguithar-d5jke6g

Don't you deny me little boy

Don't be arrogant or abide

Your in Shadow Cave now not Camoria

And I've got friends on another side

Shadows: (She's got friends on another side)

Erebus: Settle in my office

Set your eyes on me

Focus not on your worries

For their but memory

I can read your minds

Every thought I hear

So be careful of spitballs and comments

There's not one memo I can't endear

I hear worries, I hear flurries

I hear things I can't confide

Except to friends on another side

Shadows: (Except to friends on another side)

Now you Blaster are a boy of ease

You're born from a family of expertise

They boys say yes, but the girls say no

You dream to meet a friendly girl who's bound to say whoa

Talking: Pretty ladies prefer jocks ay

Blaster: I guess so

Erebus: Oh, my boy. You're bound to find a girl with heart. But heart takes a chance

Singing: It's a chance, it's a chance, it's a chance of ream

And when I look into your heart there's the girl of your dream

Now you spoiled brat I don't need an ear to tell

Your mother hated you since day one

She hated you on your birthday and your wedding and graduation

And when you have children she'll get you to hate your son

But turn the corner and then you'll see

There's the mother going through all your misery

Are you ready? (Shadows: Are you ready?)

Are you steady? Your changing and changing and changing your form

I hope you're testified

But if you're not don't call me

You can call my friends on another side!