This isn't a parody. It's a song made by me. It's the intro of Claire's band called Flak Hyper Drive. Unfortunately, Claire and her gang get cocky and try to crush other bands to get to the top. But Dogio is fond of Claire and tries his best to get her attention without his brothers knowing.



Beware, beware. Everybody, everywhere

Flak Hyper Drive is here and we’re gonna make endear

Beware, beware. We’re pumping up the flare

Better cower outta fear, everybody give a cheer---Hey!

Claire Steven is the leader/queen of awesomeness

Hannah Claint just ain’t the girl you wanna mess with

Autumn so can take geeky glasses back into style

Modely Lavender has the bass that’s worth all while

Rhonda Red hasn’t fled just to make sure we’re ahead

Jessie Lake’s not a fake when it comes to party time

Gwen has spunk for the stage taking wage to the prime

Mk gets some pay for just why we’re moving up

Honeylips has no hips she’s our bitter buttercup---Hey!

We are Flak Hyper Drive---Yeah

Flak Hyper Drive

We’re back, we’re back

You better believe we’re back

We are the Flak Hyper Drive---Yeah---Flak Hyper Drive!