'Could You Go And Use The Elements?' - An MLP Parody

'Could You Go And Use The Elements?' - An MLP Parody

This song is based on the parody uploaded by itsannachloem. Unfortunately no one could publish all the lyrics. But one day I recorded it on paper. And memorized it closely.

The story goes from season 1 of My Little Pony. Princess Celestia asked Twilight to use the elements in substitution of her sickness. In season 2-3, Celestia asks again. Only this time it's because she doesn't find the villains fond in her taste. She also claims she did her duty while fighting Queen Chrysalis. In season 4 Twilight has become a princess and Celestia asks again about the elements. Twilight states there are no elements in season 4.


Celestia: Twilight? (Door Knock)

Could you go and use the elements?

Nightmare Moon is back again.

I’m not feeling on best form today.

I’ll be in your way, and you can save the day.

Go gather up some buddies, adventure forth.

And use the magic inside!

Could you go and use the elements?

It doesn’t have to be the elements…

Twilight: But Princess Celestia…

Celestia: Okay, bye.

Celestia: (Door knock)

Could you go and use the elements?

There’s more bad-guys to be fought.

I know you think that I should do my bid.

And that I did—while fighting Chrysalis.

(Song pauses) Ah, my horn

(Continue Song) Discord is annoying,

Sombra’s not my thing. I really don’t have the time…!

Celestia: Twilight, please I know you’re in there.

I know you are a princess now.

You’re slightly taller, winged, but I need you

And your friends to use the elements again

Go and use the mirror, get back your crown

You also might become human!

Could you go and use the elements?

Wait?! What do you mean no elements in season 4?!

But…Oh, never mind. Rainbow power!


Could you go and use the elements