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I'm ready to play! Hahahahaha!

Cherie Maplegreen is a psycho Chucky-obsessed child. She has an admiration for Chucky and saw him as an idol. Cherie also takes a liking to blood, exampling she used to lick and smear blood on her wall.


Cherie is a pretty teenage girl with cherry-red wavy hair, light skin, red eyes, black curved eyelashes, a pointy nose, wicked red lipped smile, yellowish white teeth, a rainbow colored T-shirt, an axe, blue suspenders, red buttons, a blue dress, stockings, and red sneakers.


Cherie lived in a small town in Little Rock, Texas. One day they moved to Colorado, Denver when she was nine. That school day the children mocked her continuously. On her way home she stopped at a movie shop and bought the Chucky series. At home she hid it from her parents and watched it non-stop. When her mom was spring-cleaning she saw the disc case and gasped. She told her husband and they agreed to ask her about it.

When Cherie arrived home they questioned her. She smiled and said "I love Chucky. He's my friend." with pride. Her parents took the discs from her and told her to go to bed. She got furious and decided ammediately to kill her parents. She stabbed her mom with an axe in their shack and drowned her dad in the sink.

Then she went on a rampage and murdered all the students. Then teachers, deans, principal, vice principal, coaches, janitor, cook, librarian, counselor, police chief, and mayor.

Last she goes to the movie shop where the man who sold her the series was packing to close. She appeared, says "Hey, paps. Gotta axe you something", and runs over to him. He panics and hits her with the cash register. She merely laughs and licks her dripping blood. He runs out to the police station and finds it empty. Cherie finds him and severs him with her axe.

At the end she laughs and says Chucky's famous motto: "Hi, I'm Cherie. Wanna play?!" before cackling insanely.


  • Cherie's inspiration is both Tiffany and Chucky
  • In the photo, Cherie's a teenager
  • Cherie is very similar to Slappy from Goosebumps

Both called think of their "creators" as fathers

Both trapped a lot of victims

Both take after Chucky

  • Cherie is also similar to Ventriloquist

Both murdered their "masters"

Both are very similar to Slappy

  • Cherie means darling, dearest one
  • Cherie is the first Movie Character on this wiki to be based on a scary character
  • Cherie is the second female Movie Character on this wiki