This parody is based on Anthropology(song). It's about a human teenager who longs to be a better species named Beings. They follow rules, are fair, and get serious crimes for bad deeds. Unlike prison and councilors. And no poisoning their bodies or their planet's.



Beings from Equeria seem way better than human kinds

Tell me, reader, do you have the power to hear others minds

Black, white, mixed, Italian, Asian, whatever they don’t mind

Such diversity, Beingology

Water, fauna, flora, fire so much forces up their sleeve

All I want is to visit their dimension and never leave

Everybody claims that such a world is only make-believe

Such democracy, Beingology

Don’t you think us humans are old doing the same lame routine

With Beings there’s so much they hold, despite their forces it seems

We humans can’t fly or hover yet they can; it’s not fair

All we have is mere inventions while they’ve power to soar air

Their babies and underborns all alike just seem so rare

It’s a thing with me, Beingology

Phoenix, Swirly Star, the Guarder, Gala, Changix, Princess Hale

Guardians, Rebels, The Royals: Who’s to say they’re fairy tales.

Even if they are at least they’ve rules that will never fail

They have liberty, Beingology

Yeah you’ve got some good humans here

And you’ve bad ones here too

Still I think how Beings appear

That they’re way cooler don’t you?

I don’t need the government now I can follow new rules

I would give my human body just to live in their shoes

Grab that mic and start the singing

Cause this song writer’s a Being---ME!!!

It’s my destiny: Beingology!