Be prepared is a parody where Lord Eclipse explains to his minions the Knight-mares what's their role after he takes control of Camoria. The songs takes place after the Lord Eclipse receives the exiles in Come my exiles and transforms them into Knight-mares. It also describes how they're going to get power and fulfill their dreams of ruling.


Lord Eclipse: I know that your hearts are devoted

To the place referred to as moors

Though petty and small and unnoticed

My shine will soon glimmer on yours

It's clear from you dumbfounded faces

Your hearts are more active than minds

But we're talking moons and embraces

Although you can't comprehend what blinds

Now prepare for a new dawn of daylight

Be prepared for incredible loan

A beautiful eclipse

Is coming into glimpse

Knight-mare: And what is our power?

Lord Eclipse: Just listen and cower

I see you want merit and soon you'll inherit

The ambition and greats of my own

And the subjects insanely despaired

Be prepared!


Knight-mares: Night, night, night, night, night, night, night, night, night!

It's nice to know in alterations

We've a guide who'll be known as a lord

Lord Eclipse: With natch and invogue your impatience

Will judge how much order afford

The fortune is numbered by hundreds

And if I'm the one to bestow

The stakes I must put in abundance

Is you can't be coarse without quo

So prepare for an act of prevalence

Be prepared for a devilish plot (Knight-mares: Yeah-yeah-yeah)

Nefarious murder, depravity further

Intention surreal is surely why we'll

All rise to the challenge victoriously balanced

To prove we're the stars that we sought

Not a soul or a liege shall be spared

I'm prepared!!!!

Knight-mares: Not a soul or a liege shall be spared