Be prepared is the original of Be prepared(holiday). Santa Claws is telling the elves how their positions and orders are needed to make the plan happen. It was also made to show that Santa doesn't like or watch you. But wants everyone to know that Christmas will end if they continue to celebrate it.

Be prepared for the true meaning of Christmas.


Santa: I know your past of isolation
Are as sad as the rumors of Claws
But small as you may be, in formation!
My words are not order but laws

You may try to hide your ignorance
But I see it's very lucid
Cause I'm thinking pain and endurance
Even you can't be that stupid

Elves, prepare for a change on a lifeline
Be prepared for the future at hand

The deadline of Christmas
Is barely in distance

Elias: So where do we come in?

Santa: I know it sounds sudden

But without the scours
Vengeance will be ours
Then God will help them understand

With the parents who lied shamely scared

Be prepared!

Elliot: Yeah! Be prepared. Ha, we'll be prepared.
For what?

Santa: For the truth about "Christmas"

Elvin: Why? Has he lied?

Santa: No, it's not a man. You fool it's a holiday.
In which we'll burn.

Ed: Good idea, Clawsy. What fool would like Christmas.
Blah! No Christmas! No Christmas! Burn it! Burn it! Burn it!

Santa: Idiot, you won't end Christmas.

Elvin: Hey, but you said we would.

Santa: Grrr. I will end Christmas. Side with me, and you'll never be fibbed on again.

Previous Elves: Yeah! Go Santy! Down with Christmas!

Elves: Down with Christmas! Down with Christmas!
Burn, burn, burn, burn, burn, burn!

What fantastic news to be sided
With a guy who has great talk to send

Santa: And as your padrone I've decided
To give you each duties to attend

The power is merely deprecate
And though I'm the true enemy
The thing that I must accentuate
Is don't think a trick outta me!

Pucks, prepare for the cool of the century
Be prepared for the crime of all par (la-la-la!)

Maleficent winter(Elves: We will dine)
Iniquitous center(Elves: On meat prime)
Centuries of falsehood(Elves: Be relished)
Is exactly why we should(Elves: For delish!)

Be seen, into segments
With no cheer nor presents
But as the colossus we are

Hate Christmas for our warning has aired!

Be prepared!

All(to YOU): Hate Christmas for our warning has aired!

Be prepared!