This song is a parody of Be Prepared. Only Queen Tyrant is accepted to join Christakis and plans to kill Loris by trapping Emily and rule Equeria. But she needs the Changix army to help hunt and trap Loris. But after Queen Tyrant is queen than the Changix and Christakis get the Guarder and the land.


Sorceress queen (2)

Tyrant: I thought that all Changix essential

But you're gross and unspeakably plain

Perhaps they've a glimmer of potential

If allied with my genius brain

I can tell from your slow cerebrums

Your noggins are not functioning well

But this is about riches and kingdoms

Surely you of all people can't dwell

So prepare for your feast in a decade

Be prepared for unbearable meat

Emily's small sizing

Makes her more enticing

Christakis: And when can we eat her

Tyrant: Just follow your leader

I know it sounds bitter, but you'll get your dinner

When the times right then we'll own the fleet

And the treasures of justice are shared

Be Prepared!

Sonnet: Yeah, be prepared. Hah. We'll be prepared...for what?

Tyrant: For the death of the Lord

Sonnet: Why, is he sick?

Tyrant: No, you fool, we're going to kill him. His heir too.

Nathan: Great idea. Who needs an heir?

Nathan and Sonnet: No heir, no heir. La-la-la-la-la-la!

Tyrant: Idiots! There will be an heir.

Sonnet: Hey, but you said...

Tyrant: I will be heir. Stick with me and you'll never go ignored again!

Syclops : Yay! Alright, long live the queen!

Changix: Long live the queen! Long live the queen! Queen, queen, queen, queen, queen, queen!

It's good that we have understanding,

To a queen who has views of our own!

Tyrant: Although with percent's high expanding

We'll execute problems if shown

Our future is loaded with vengeance. Of course I'll have high courtesy

But first you must learn your positions

You can't have a meal without ME!

So prepare for the days of our glory

Be prepared for the greatest of schemes

(Ooh, la-la-la!)

Maliciously plotting, unfortunate clotting

Debased to my sister

One reason they don't miss her

For years I have waited

With a grudge and pure hatred

And now I fulfill my dreams!

Hope your accommodations are faired

Be prepared!

All (to viewer): Hope your accommodations are faired