This song is a parody of Do you wanna build a snowman? In this version, Anna is still allowed to leave the house and she goes to play by the beach. But it just isn't as fun without her big sister around, so she tries to persuade Elsa to go with her. In the original film, fear was what held Elsa back - she was afraid of hurting people with her powers. Although that's also a problem for Water Elsa, her main issue is sadness. She just doesn't have the enthusiasm for the things she used to love, which upsets Anna, who tries, with no success, to get Elsa to enjoy things. By the end of the song, Elsa has fallen into utter despair; her parents are not only dead, they are dead because of rough seas. Water killed her parents, and Elsa loses all hope of her power being anything but destructive. In this version of the story Anna comes to her *before* the funeral; since the king and queen's bodies were not recovered for obvious reasons, the funeral is being held at the beach. Anna, lonelier than ever, pleads one last time for Elsa to go with her, but, as ever, silence is the only response.


Anna: Elsa? (Door knocks)

Are you coming to the seaside?

Leave the castle for awhile

You’re never happy nowadays

You have this empty gaze

You never even smile

We used to laugh together

And now we don’t

You look like you want to cry

Are you coming to the seaside?

It’s more fun than staying inside

Elsa: I’m not coming Anna

Anna: Okay, bye

(Door knocks) Are you coming to the seaside?

I thought I’d give it one more try

It’s the perfect weather for a trip

Maybe an ocean dip

There’s no clouds in the sky

It gets a little lonely

Playing by myself

But I’m used to it by now

(Door knocks) Elsa, please I know you’re listening

People are asking about you

I know that they would want us to be strong

But this just feels so wrong

What can I do?

You don’t have to be lonely

Just let me in

I can’t do this on my own

Are you coming to the seaside?



Are You Coming to the Seaside? (Flooded AU Parody)

Are You Coming to the Seaside? (Flooded AU Parody)